Steaming French Fries – Microwave Method Update 2

Ok, so I made another batch of french fries, and tried a bunch of different stuff for this batch.

I was watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives a while back, and Guy went to Casper and Runyon’s Nook in St. Paul. And when they make their fries at The Nook they soaked the fries in a vinegar and water mixture before frying them up. So before I mircowaved the fries this time, I soaked the fries for 20 minutes in about 1 gallon of cold water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. You only got a little bit of the vinegar taste in the finished fries, so next time I might try using 1/4 cup white vinegar with a gallon of cold water.

I also used Burbank russet potatoes again for the fries, but this time I cut them with my fry cutter into 1/2″ fries. It turned out that 7 min and 30 seconds is the prefect microwave time for 2 lbs of fries. Let it go for 3 minutes 30 seconds on high, then shake the fries to mix, finally 4 minutes on high to rap it up.

As another little experiment, after microwaving the fries, I tossed them in a coat of 1.5 cups flour mixed with 1/2 cup corn starch. After frying the fries, they only seemed to have a very light coating. It wasn’t until I was cleaning the frying pan that I found out that most of the coating had fallen off the fries and coated the bottom of the frying pan. If I had to do it again, I would give them a buttermilk dip before the flour/corn starch drench, so that it will actually stick to the fries.

Overall they turned out good, and I have a good feeling that I’m on the way to the prefect french fry.

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