Weeding the garden – Week 2 June 2009 – Johnny Storm style

As you can tell from the date, this is a better late then never kind of post. But I’m sick and tired of hand weeding, so its time to bring out the heavy guns…….the propane flame thrower.

I got this “toy” a couple of years back at Harbor Freight to kill all the grass/weeds in my gravel driveway. Having tried most broad spectrum herbicides and even a couple total vegetative herbicides (18-20% glyphosate.) I have yet to find one strong enough to kill everything permanently. Hell I even tired to sterilize the soil with straight 5% vinegar (I haven’t tried a salt-vinegar mixture yet), and the weeds still came back the next year. So it was time for a little flame on!

After the flame job, I can finally plant the garden.

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