Canning a batch of Pickled Jalapenos – v2 – Oct 2009

After I made the first batch of jalapeno rings, I started to think that I might want to try and make the jalapeno rings a totally different way. In case I run into any issues with the first batch (such as the rings being too salty). Don’t ask me how, but somehow I ended up on the website for  Backwoods Home Magazine, and they had an article about canning peaches. Well within that page they had a link to “The USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning” on the Penn State University web site.

That Penn State website has a bunch of canning recipes, as well as more detailed info about the canning process (both boiled water and pressure method). After some surfing on the site I settled on this recipe for the second version of the jalapeno rings. So here is the breakdown of the recipe I used:

The Peppers:

  • 4lbs 2oz of jalapeno peppers from the farmers market sliced into ~1/4” rings

Pickling liquid (makes one batch):

  • 5 cups white vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 4 tsp canning salt
  • 2 TB sugar
  • 3 cloves garlic

Boil all the pickling liquid ingredients for 15 minutes. Then set the range burner to its lowest temperature setting to keep the liquid hot.

From those ~4 pounds of jalapenos I ended up using 7 pint sized mason jars. The first batch of canning liquid was only enough for four mason jars. So I had to make another batch of pickling liquid for the final three jars. After everything was said and done, I still ended up with about 4 cups of pickling liquid. Since I didn’t want the pickling liquid to go to waste, I ended up using part of it for my first attempt at making a Jalapeno Hot Sauce recipe. I’ll let you know how both turn out after some aging.

Side Notes:
1) I didn’t blanch the jalapenos in boiling water before packing them in the jars. If I did I probably could have packed more peppers into each jar.
2) I processed the jars for 10 minutes using the boiling water method, the same amount of time as my first attempt at jalapeno rings.
3) I didn’t clean out the seeds from the jalapenos before packing them into the jars, so you get the full heat.
4) I got a mason jar attachment for my food saver, so instead to using a plastic knife to remove the air bubbles from the jar I let vacuum power get the job done. But using a vacuum to remove all the air bubbles from the jar also increased the peppers absorption rate of the pickling liquid, further increasing my need to make a second batch of pickling liquid.

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