Canning a batch of Pickled Jalapenos – v2 – Oct 2009

After I made the first batch of jalapeno rings, I started to think that I might want to try and make the jalapeno rings a totally different way. In case I run into any issues with the first batch (such as the rings being too salty). Don’t ask me how, but somehow I ended up on the website for  Backwoods Home Magazine, and they had an article about canning peaches. Well within that page they had a link to “The USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning” on the Penn State University web site. Continue reading

Canning a batch of Pickled Jalapenos

For some reason this year, I’ve grown all these jalapenos, but I’m not really in the mood it eat multiple pounds of jalapeno poppers. So instead of making jalapeno poppers I’m going to cut the jalapenos into rings and try to pickle and can them.

There is just something about canning/pickling that really interests me. Maybe it has something to do with preserving and enjoying the bounty of the harvest year round. Plus if I’m going to grow some of my own food, I don’t have the heart to toss any of it on the compost pile. Yeah I leave some of the harvest on the vine for nature to take their share, but that doesn’t mean that they have full reign of the garden. Continue reading

Ghetto plastic sheet greenhouse

Once again an idea born of necessity. I’m getting tired of moving plants back and forth from the saw horses to the house. So with some left over plastic sheeting, a piece of scrap wood, a couple of saw horses and 2 chunks of broken cement edging I now have my own ghetto green house.

Moving the plants was annoying. But the more important purpose was to protect the plants from rain storms & drowning in a downpour.

One of these days I’ll have a nice and big professional green house with all the bells & whistles. But for now this plastic sheet green house will have to do.