Drying Sage in the Box Fan dehydrator

Since I’ve basically mulched the garden and cleared everything out, I had to do something with the sage plant that was still alive and kicking, even after the killing frost in October. So I basically stripped all the good leaves from the plant and laid the leaves on a screen for the dehydrator to do its thing.

I did end up using a blue furnace filter this time around. I set the fan on medium speed instead of low, but it still took about 7 days to dry a single frames worth of sage leaves. Personally I thought that it would have been a little bit quicker, but go figure.

2 comments on “Drying Sage in the Box Fan dehydrator

  • You know I really haven’t thought too much about it. I just wanted to get the drying done, since I know that the fresh leaves would have gone bad in the crisper drawer before I used the whole cache. One thing that has crossed my mind is to try and use the dried sage, like you would bay leaves. But other then that, I’ve got nothing right now.

  • What plans do you have for the Sage? When I had a plant (that grew like a weed) I could never find enough uses for sage. I would welcome ideas…

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