Hard Cider Gravity Check

Well its been a couple of months since the last gravity check on the hard cider, and surprisingly we are doing pretty good on the final gravity.

Here is the breakdown of the three different batches:

  • Lalvin 71B-1122 yeast – 0.996
  • Red Star Premier Cuvee yeast – 1.004
  • Red Star Cote des Blancs – 1.000

Out of the three batches, the batch that used the Premier Cuvee yeast is crystal clear (all pics below are from the premier cuvee batch), while the other two batches are still cloudy. But I think that the most surprising item is that the Cote des Blancs is the only batch that is done fermenting, while the other two still have some slow activity going.

I’m thinking about maybe pitching another batch of yeast into the Premier Cuvee & Lalvin batches for one final push, but I haven’t really committed to this idea. Part of it being that I’m already 4 months into these batches, and I still haven’t even bottled any of the stuff so that it can really lay down to mellow out. Not to mention that I’m short on wine bottles, even though I have 4 cases of empty bottles. Decisions decisions, so many little decisions to make.

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