2010 Garden Seed order placed

Well I finally placed my seed order with Johnny’s tonight, and here is what I ended up ordering for $50.35 (shipping is included in that number.) Each packet of seeds ranged from $1.00 to $2.95 each, with a couple of the salad mixes being a great deal with 5,000 to 17,000 seeds for $1.50 a packet.

Debarao (OG)-Mini
Vegetables > Tomatoes > Saladette, Sauce, & Cocktail

Eva Purple Ball (OG)-Mini
Vegetables > Tomatoes > Heirloom

Voyager (F1)-Mini
Vegetables > Tomatoes > Determinate > Red

Vegetables > Lettuce > Summer Crisp > Green

Moneta (Monogerm) (F1)-Packet
Vegetables > Beets > Round Red

Golden Beet-Packet
Vegetables > Beets > Specialty

Herbs > Lovage

Plato (F1)-Packet
Vegetables > Squash > Summer > Zucchini > Dark Green

Navarino (F1)-Packet
Vegetables > Carrots > Early

Vertina (F1) (Treated)-Mini
Vegetables > Cucumbers > Pickling

Marketmore 76-Mini
Vegetables > Cucumbers > American Slicing

El Jefe (F1)-Mini
Vegetables > Peppers > Southwestern Style Chiles > Jalapeños

Xtra-Tender 273A (F1) (sh2) (Treated)-Packet
Vegetables > Corn > Super Sweet > Bicolor

Snow Sweet-Packet
Vegetables > Peas > Snow/Sugar

Vegetables > Beans > Beans, Bush > Yellow, Round Pod

Vegetables > Beans > Beans, Bush > Green, Round Pod

Bordeaux (F1)-5,000 Seeds
Vegetables > Spinach > Smooth-Leaf

Outredgeous-1 Ounce
Vegetables > Lettuce > Romaine/Cos > Red

Spicy Greens Mix-1 Ounce
Vegetables > Lettuce > Salad Mixes

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  • medical assistant says:

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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