Used wooden pallets as a potato growing bin – 2010

Editors Note: This should have been posted months ago. Sorry for the delay, but this should hopefully answer a bunch of questions about the pallet set-up from other pics posted on miia.

When I was in Michigan a few months back for a little bit of R & R. In the backyard of my buddy’s house, he had converted a bunch of old pallets into three side-by-side composting bins. So after a few beers and some meat smoking, it got me to thinking about the large pile of pallets just sitting at the end of driveway that I never bothered to dispose of (it was more like I felt bad throwing away good wood, so that’s why the pallets were really piled up.) In that instead of using the pallets for a compost bin, that maybe I could grow potatoes in them instead. Continue reading

Salad Table – First Planting – 05/05/2010

Now that I ended up picking up a very large bag of potting mix at Costco. I thought that I would plant up one of the cells of the salad table to get some greens growing.

So in one of the sections, I filling it up to the top with potting soil, then divided it into three smaller sections. I ended up using the follow seeds from Johnny’s in this first section:

In the back cell: Spicy Greens Mix
Center cell: Bordeaux
Front cell: Outredgeous

Now the true experiment begins!

Just got some some free seeds from my farmer neighbor

A couple of you might know this, but the guy that lives next door to me, works on a CSA farm on the outskirts of town. Any questions that I have about agriculture/farming, I always shoot his way. Well now that the growing season is well under way, he let me know that he had a bunch of very old seeds from Johnny’s that they couldn’t use on the farm, since they were too old (expiration date of 2005.) So he let me know that if I wanted some, that I was more then welcome to poach however much I needed.

Since the packets that he had were 1/4 to 1/2lb in size and being how old the seeds were, I only ended up taking about a 100 seeds of the two different seeds that he had. I guess we shall see in the next week or so, if anything germinates out of these seeds. Since they both looked like two very interesting seed varieties for squashes.

Links to Johnny’s Select Seeds:

Vegetables -> Squash -> Sunburst

Vegetables > Squash -> Costata Romanesco

Going to order plant seeds this weekend

I just got my Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog in the mail last month, so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks planning out what I want to order for this years garden. This way I’m not left high and dry like last year, in which I ended up getting all my seeds from Menards and there little Burpee display.
Here is the very large list that I’ve come up with so far of flowers, vegetable and herb seeds. Since I really don’t have the room to grow everything on the list, I’ll have to cut this list down a lot. But at least its a nice jumping off point to start a discussion. Continue reading

Thinking Spring 2010 – Garden pre-planning

Other then the freezing rain coming down the last couple days, I’m trying to think warm. And with spring a couple of months out, its time for me to start some of my garden pre-planning, about what I want to plant this year. One of the first things that I’ve done this week is order myself a 2010 seed catalog from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Yeah I like jumping on their web site, and surfing around for stuff, but sometimes a hard copy just makes things a little bit easier. Two items that I’m thinking of ordering from Johnny’s are some Lovage seeds and maybe some Stevia seeds.

I’ve already picked up a packet of Burpee Swiss Chard – Fordhook Giant, while I was at Menard’s getting some Miracle Gro potting soil. And I’m also kind of curious if anything will grow out of the seeds that I saved from the Aji Limo peppers that I got from my farmer neighbor. But I guess we’ll see if anything pans out of the Aji Limo this year.

If anyone has any suggestions on what I should grow this year, now is definitely the time to let me know. So just post a comment with your plant ideas, since I’m always looking for suggestions. Thanks.