Happy St. Patrick’s Day and the Bud Light keg is cashed

It only took me a little over 4 1/2 months, but the never ending 1/2 barrel keg of Bud Light is finally cashed. Since this BL keg was taking up valuable kegerator space in the basement, that I could have been using for my kegs of Christmas beer and Red Rye. I decided to take matters into my own hands and start pouring pitchers instead of glasses this past weekend, since I knew from picking up the keg before the ski trip that I was close to the end of the BL.

So one weekend (Friday thru Monday night) and 5 pitchers later, we can officially say bye bye to the folks at Anheuser-Busch InBev right before St Patty’s. Yes the keg was free, and I’m not one to turn away a free beer. But I’ve got to tell you, for not liking Bud Light to begin with; drinking 15.5 gallons of the stuff hasn’t turned me from Miller to Bud. But at least now I can finally get back to drinking the good stuff……homebrew!

Final glass from the keg
Final glass from the keg

Potato Chip Review – Old Dutch – Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips

I guess that everything old is new again, because the first thing that I thought of when I tired these chips was Lay’s Dill Pickle flavored chips. But when you think about it, talk about a brilliant piece of marketing on the part of potato chip companies. Salt and Vinegar chips are a down in the dumps flavor, almost a throwback flavor in these current times. But guess what, you add a little dash of dill flavoring and presto! You were able to recycle a flavor that no one was buying into something cutting edge.

As a side note, for some strange reason Salt & Vinegar flavored chips always make me think of the UK and fish and chips. Maybe it was because of the baby blue color on both the Lay’s Salt & Vinegar chips as well as these Old Dutch chips. Did I somehow miss the memo that baby blue = salt & vinegar?

But in any case, I thought that these Kettle Cooked Old Dutch chips were pretty good, and judging by my consumption of half a 8.5 oz bag in one sitting, that means a pretty solid thumbs up from me. Maybe I’m currently experiencing a salt & malt vinegar deficiency that needed to be quenched. But these salt & vinegar really hit the spot. And mixed with a little bit of beer from a free keg of BL (15.5 gallons isn’t going to drink itself away) in the kegerator it made for a nice, though unhealthy late night snack.