Poorman’s garlic bread recipe

I learned this recipe in Germany a number of years back. When I learned this recipe from Nook, it was one of those recipes created out of necessity. You’re living in Germany, trying to make some food to remind you of home in the United States. So what better then spaghetti and meatballs, with a couple of pieces of garlic bread on the side? Continue reading

French Bread Baguette Recipe

I’ve always considered myself a better baker then cook; maybe it had to do with the exactness that is inherent with baking. So if you needed cakes or cookies, no problem. But bread, well that is another story. Can I make bread, yes. Does it taste, how that style of bread is supposed to taste, sometimes. With baking bread I’ve had very good luck making pizza dough, pretzels and bagels. So why not step up my game, and make one of my favorite breads, french baguettes. The whole idea of making french bread happened while I was making a sandwich with an Italian hoagie roll. I was looking at the hoagie roll, and realized that I was in a bread rut, and I needed something different. Continue reading

French bread pizza recipe

If the made the baguette bread recipe from earlier, you’re probably thinking what other dishes you can make with either the long baguettes or the petite baguettes. Well you can make a bunch of different stuff:

– Garlic Bread (poorman’s version or high class version)
– A nice and crunchy sandwich
– Croutons or faux bagel chips
– French bread pizza
– Bruschetta (or brushetta for those without spell check)
You get the idea……..

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