Chili Cook-off recipe – v4

At work the Friday before the Super Bowl, we ended up having a chili cook-off contest for our department. The entry fee was $5.00 and first prize was $70.00 plus a bunch of other misc stuff (small trophy, pizza party for your team, etc.) There ended up being over 30 entries for the contest, and the types of chili entered by competitors were all over the board (white chili, vegetarian chili, wild game chili, extra tomato chili, etc.) After a few weeks of back and forth conversations with JRR to hash out a recipe, here was the chili that I entered into the contest. This recipe didn’t make the top three (and they only listed the top three finishers.) But as the VP that sits next to me kidded, that maybe I got 4th place. So enjoy this recipe for 4th Place Chili: Continue reading

Quick tubini in tomato sauce and meatballs

I wanted something hot & quick for dinner tonight since I can only eat mac & cheese 3 days in a row. Plus I wanted to use up the 6 meatballs from GFS that have been developing a heavy case of freezer burn. So here is my under 30 minute meal, made with garbage from around the house. Since I didn’t want to go to the grocery for anything (with a faint whisper from Macaulay Culkin………he’s cooking up garbage.) Continue reading