Potato Chip Review – Lay’s Monterey Pepper Jack

Now these chips were good! Part of it might be that I had very low expectations after the whole Wisconsin Cheddar debacle. But here is the lowdown.

Right when I opened the bag the first smell that hit my nose was peaches n’ cream corn topped with butter, with a very faint after hint of Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion. Just the main corn smell started to make my mouth water craving some Iowa sweet corn. It really wasn’t until about an hour later that I started to pick-up a hint of the sour cream and onion. But really it was so faint, that it was very easy to miss.

And the first bite…..it actually tasted like a slice of cheese from a block of pepper jack. Keep in mind that it wasn’t as spicy and didn’t have the lingering heat of a real slice of pepper jack cheese, but the chips were still pretty good. When you really look at the chips there doesn’t seem to be a lot of seasoning added to the chips, which I think is a good thing.

If these chips would have been like most “hot/spicy” chips, they would have been super hot and that heat would have killed your taste buds. The heat on these chips are more like a mild kind of heat, in that when you are eating the chips you get the whole pepper jack heat experience. But as soon as you swallow the chips the heat starts to subside and you start to get more of a lingering buttery/creamy/cheesy taste in your mouth. Which is kind of a nice change a pace.

I would definitely give these chips a thumb up, and I plan on adding them to the lunch box rotation for their “limited” summer run.

2 comments on “Potato Chip Review – Lay’s Monterey Pepper Jack

  • When I gave the ingredient label a quick look before going to bed. It did have a couple of corn ingredients listed on the label, but I don’t remember off hand the specific items.

  • I think it’s funny that corn is the first thing you smell. I would guess that a large majority of the non potato ingredients are corn derived, probably upwards of 70%…

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