Garden – 06/16/2010 – Setting up the trellis

The tomatoes are starting to get fairly tall and a couple already have blossoms, so I think its about time to setup the trellis system for this year. In years past I’ve left the upper crossbars in place and them tried to space the plants under the crossbars. But at the end of last season I took down all the 1/2″ EMT conduit crossbars, since it really wasn’t the best setup for what I was trying to do.

So this year, I set my plants into rows within each 8′ x 8′ trellis zone. And then ran the 10 foot lengths of 1/2″ EMT conduit for each row of plants in each zone. Did it take time to get this done, yeah maybe about 2 hours. But look at the results. Now I can actually walk down the rows within hitting a spiders web of sisal twine going everywhere. This is one of those best practices that I’ll be doing again for next year.

Another idea that I’m rolling around in my head for next year is using utility marking flags to mark out where I’ve planted my seedlings. I think it might be very helpful with the red onions, since when I was weeding that section of the garden, by accident I pulled two onions out of the ground since they blended in so well with the weeds.  But its just an idea for now.

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