Garden – Mid-August 2010

Here is a bunch of garden shots from mid-August, and a bit of an update on the garden, since I haven’t posted a garden update in a while.

1) The crest of the wave has fallen, and there is no more sweet corn for the rest of the year. So I went through all the stalks, and picked whatever ears were remaining. And then proceeded to pull all the stalks out of the ground, and cut them up for the compost bin.

2) The potato harvest was abysmal this year, with a total harvest of maybe 1/4 lb. It looks like I got a case of “late blight” due to heavy rainfall at the beginning of August. I guess better luck next year.

3) The Aji Limo finally seems to be coming into their own. I was worried for a while, that none of the plants were going to bloom. But I guess this is a late blooming pepper, since all the plants are now starting to flower like crazy (I’ll post some Aji close-up shots in another post.)

4) I also ended up doing some weeding around the tomatoes and beans, since it was looking like a jungle out there. It ended up being so over grown that the weeds ended up smothering out the beets that were growing in the front middle section of the garden. Overall the beets were kind of weak this year, so after I clean up the garden in the fall. I’ll plant some beet seeds to see if I can get some spring beets for next year.

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