Garden Season Over – Killing Frost – October 28, 2010

Oh baby was it cold last night. It ended up dropping down to 28F overnight. So when I got home from work ~6pm, it was a mad rush to pick everything worth picking in the garden before the frost hit. That ended up being about eight tomatoes, ~5 lbs of jalapenos, ~2 lbs of aji limon, and all the rhubarb left in the garden (half a grocery bags worth). And with this mad rush of a harvest, the gardening season is basically over for 2010. The only few surviving items in the garden are the Swiss Chard, the green onions and the sage, but other then that, everything else it dead.

Now over the next couple weeks, I’ll have to spend some time clearing out the garden and getting it ready for winter. So that means, burning out everything (weeds, etc.), and adding a heavy layer of mulch and compost for the winter. The wheels are already turning in my head on stuff that I want to grow next season, but I have all winter long to plan it out.

In other related news, check out this post about my experiment in drying the aji limon and jalapenos into pepper flakes (kind of like red pepper flakes.) I though that it would be something interesting to do with the peppers, and that you normally don’t see done with either aji or jalapeno peppers.

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