Starting another batch of seedlings – update

It has been about 4 days and we have lots of good activity, both above and below ground. Most of the flats that i moved outside had roots coming out of the bottom of the individual cells, which i have not had happen before. So that is a positive looking sign for me about plant health. If this keeps going as I think that it will. I’ll be 100% sold on using SoilMoist for all my plantings, as well as blending my own soil from scratch. Double bonus baby. Continue reading

Starting another batch of seedlings

As you may know. I’ve been having a lot of problems starting all my plants from seeds this year. But I haven’t given up entirely, because I’m not a quitter. So it’s back to the drawing board, for a new plan.

For this new batch of seedlings, I’m basically going to try and do the opposite of what I was doing before. So with that here goes Round 4, or at least the forth go around that I can remember. Continue reading

My green thumb has fallen off.

Man, I just have not been having any good luck with the garden. The grow lights that I had set up in the basement have not really helped the growth rate of the seedlings. If anything it seems to have stunted the plants growth. Another thing, is that I probably shouldn’t have set-up the grow stand in the basement. The basement temp hovers around 55-60F, when the plants need temperatures in the 70’s. I’ve also had a lot of “damping off” problems with all the seedlings. So it’s been one thing after another this year.

When I started this whole seedlings thing. I though that this would be easy, but it just doesn’t seem to be going my way. So I’m going to change some things around, for the next batch of seedlings. Instead of using a store bought seed starting mix, I’m going to mix my own starter soil. I’m also going to add some SoilMoist, to see if that will help prevent the “damping-off” problems that I’ve had. I’m also am going to sanitize everything with Star San to kill off any possibility of fungus carrying over to the newest batch of seedlings. Wish me luck!

Killing my plant seedlings

I didn’t know it was possible, but I actually ended up killing most of the flower seedlings that I started a few weeks back. What ended up happening was something called “damping-off.” Which is basically over watering the seedlings and having a soil fungus develop which kills the root system. Continue reading

Seedlings 03-31-2009

I’m getting kind of tired taking the seedlings outside for some sun and air. So last night I set up some grow lights hooked to a timer down in the basement for two of the seedling flats.

Upon closer inspection of the flats it seems that some of the flower seedlings (F4) are starting to wilt for some reason. My only guess is that the seedlings need to be fertilized, since they are growing in soil-less mix. So I gave all the seedlings some water with fertilizer. I also ended up added the fan in the afternoon today, just to get some air moving around the plants.

Seedlings 03-24-2009

I started most of the seeds on the March 18th, and this is what has been coming up so far. The cucumbers and peas seem to be doing the best. While the flowers don’t seem to be doing much at this point.