Canning Aji Limo or Aji Limon Peppers

Oh mother were these some hot peppers. When I got a bag of these aji limo peppers from my farmer neighbor. I tried one in the yard, and they packed some heat, which at the time I thought was around the same level as a jalapeno (they are actually about 3 to 10 times hotter then jalapenos.) So after 24 hours in a brine solution, they turned down right radioactive.

As I was washing off the peppers, I took a bite of one of them to see how they turned out. I only took a little nibble off the end of one of the slices. So the bite was maybe 5 mm x 5mm. And with just that little bite I lost all feeling on the tip of my tongue for an hour and my lips were tingling the rest of the night. This doesn’t even mention the capsaicin vapors that were coming off the brining bucket. These vapors ended up giving me uncontrollable coughing fits, so I had to leave the house for an hour to regain my breath.

Lets hope that it mellows out in the jar! Which sounds more like a delusional thought on my part. But thankfully there are only two jars of the stuff.

On a quick side note, I did end up saving some of the seeds before tossing everything in the brine solution. So if these peppers turn out good, I could always try to grow a couple of these pepper plants next year. Since I’ve never seen these peppers at the store, and this includes the asian market that I go to sometimes.

(The canning recipe used was the same as from the jalapanos)

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