Canning Homegrown Aji Limon Peppers – October 2010

You might remember these peppers from last year, when I received a random bag of them from my farmer neighbor, which I ended up canning into 2 pints of finished peppers. Well with the saved seeds from last year’s peppers, I was able to grow about 6 plants with varying degree of vigor. But after a roller coaster of a year, that included a freak hailstorm in early spring, as well as an early frost in the beginning of October. I thought that I wouldn’t take any more chances, and process all the ripen peppers before another frost rolled into town. Continue reading

Canning Tomatoes – Fall 2010

This year I’ve eaten more then my fair share of fresh tomatoes from the garden. So instead of letting a lot of tomatoes rot on the vine. I thought that it would be a good time to can all the tomatoes that are currently ripe. So this year, instead of using only “roma” type tomatoes, I’m basically going to be using a blend of all the tomatoes in the garden. Since a few weeks back I used of blend of tomatoes (roma, cherry/grape, heirloom, big boy) to make a quick tomato sauce, and it turned out awesome. Continue reading

Canning Aji Limo or Aji Limon Peppers

Oh mother were these some hot peppers. When I got a bag of these aji limo peppers from my farmer neighbor. I tried one in the yard, and they packed some heat, which at the time I thought was around the same level as a jalapeno (they are actually about 3 to 10 times hotter then jalapenos.) So after 24 hours in a brine solution, they turned down right radioactive. Continue reading

Canning Tomatoes – Fall 2009

I like tomatoes, but there is no way that I can eat all the fresh tomatoes that I have, so it’s time to test out some more of my canning skills.

I put off canning the tomatoes from the garden for a while now. Since I had a very tough time finding citric acid. But after a little bit of searching on the net, I found out that a lot of homebrew websites carry citric acid. I swung by my local homebrew shop and sure enough they had 1 lb bags of citric acid in stock. So I was back in business. Continue reading