Damn you Bodum

Ever since I switched from drip to the French press method of making coffee; I have not wanted to go back. So I was a bit frustrated a few days ago, when I cracked the carafe on my Bodum French press. This being the second time it has happened. I thought that the second carafe would have held up a little bit longer, but alas no. Continue reading

How to make Beer Shrimp Scampi

Since it is still lent, I needed to find a good meatless recipe for dinner on Friday. The week before I had purchased a 2lb bag of jumbo (31-40 ct) shrimp, so some kind of shrimp dish sounded good for dinner. The last couple of weeks, I’ve had Kraft Mac and Cheese with lite tuna on the side, but I’m starting to wear out on that combo. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good combo, but I need something different. Continue reading

Homemade Gnocchi from Scratch

Such a simple ingredient list: potatoes, AP flour, salt and egg; but a tricky product to make. That has been my relationship with gnocchi. It’s only a couple of ingredients so what could possibly go wrong? Plenty.

The first and only rule in my opinion for making gnocchi is don’t cook the potatoes in water. If you have ever glanced through an gnocchi recipe online or in a cookbook. They more then likely tell you to boil the potatoes with the skin on to fully cook them. Resist the temptation, and embrace modern technology, that being the microwave. Continue reading

Steaming French Fries

A while back I was watching America’s Test Kitchen, and one of the recipes they made on the episode was for extra fluffy mashed potatoes. What I thought was interesting about the recipe was that instead of boiling the potatoes like you normally would. They ended up steaming the potatoes using a metal colander in a large pot.

It seemed like a very interesting cooking technique for potatoes. So it got me to thinking how I could apply steamed potatoes to a different dish. Why not french fries? I never really cared for the normal double fry technique, and have had moderate success with parboiling the fries before frying. So why not give steaming the potatoes a try. Well easier said then done. Continue reading